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Scary Movie October: A review of Slither

Starla Grant: Baby, what happened to your face?
Grant Grant: It’s just a bee sting.

Slither (2006)

I have a really bad habit of judging a book by its cover. Or at least movies, and especially in this case. Flipping through suggestions of scary movies to watch for Scary Movie October, I came across the movie poster for Slither. The poster made the movie feel like The Host (which I love) meets Alien (which I love) meets What Lies Beneath (okay now I’m just listing movies with bathtubs in them). I thought Slither would be a really good, scary alien/critter invasion film.

Okay, so… not quite.

Slither is a horror-comedy, and I’m really torn about my feelings towards horror comedies. I did not really like Drag Me to Hell but I loved Zombieland. Fine, I’m torn. I think the comedy piece to Slither wouldn’t have bothered me had I not had some preset notions about the movie based on nothing but worms and a bathtub and a lady’s leg. My wrong impressions just made me really grumpy at first, and some of the big jokes falling super flat didn’t help. Looking at it now, I think Slither was fairly amusing but I was being a jerk and didn’t connect well with the movie.

Also, Slither is really gross. Not quite as gross as The Fly or the barfing-into-a-dog-bowl-and-making-someone-else-eat-it scene from Audition, but close. I’ve realized that I can take gore all day but squid-like creatures with slime EV-ERY-WHERE? Please, no more.

I know a lot of people think the zombie plots are played out (hi, I stopped watching Walking Dead after season one), but I thought this was a decent and fun take on the genre.  There were also a handful of scenes that made me jump out of my seat, so Slither gets points for that. If you are looking for a gross-out horror movie that is fairly funny but probably won’t scare you much, this is a pretty good choice. Just know what you’re getting into before you start watching.

RIYL: Dreamcatcher, zombie movies, slugs, anything really really really gross, Elizabeth Banks