The LTTM Story

I don’t really know how it got this bad.

Growing up, I spent a lot of time watching movies with my parents. Most of these movies were old (read: pre-70s) classics, like Gone with the Wind, Roman Holiday and Dr. Zhivago. I also became a big fan of Hitchcock movies at a young age. I’m really thankful that my parents decided to show me these movies because there’s something really wonderful about enjoying an old film.

Here and there, I’d watch a more modern movie tailored to my age group (ET, Disney movies, the award-winning Olsen twins masterpiece It Takes Two) but for the most part I really focused on older films until I moved out of my parents’ home in 2002. Starting then, I became really interested in following the current film scene. I watched movies ALL THE TIME, even taking a job at a local coffee shop because one of the best job perks was being able to see movies in town for free. Today my husband and I probably watch two new films a month. I consider watching movies to be a hobby. I can’t think of many things I like more than sitting down with my husband, my dogs and a bowl of popcorn and watching a movie.

But even…no, ESPECIALLY for someone who loves films as much as I do, I have really missed out on some big time movie classics. I noticed this in high school theatre when someone would shout “INCONCEIVABLE!” and everyone laughed…and I was absolutely clueless as to what that meant. When my friends started to get married, I became really confused when people started singing “You’ve lost that loving feeling” at their wedding receptions (I mean, that makes NO sense). When I saw Super Troopers a few months ago and heard “these snozberries taste like snozberries, I remember thinking: “oh, THAT is where that quote comes from.” Finally, after my husband told me that I failed his film litmus test when I admitted to never having seen The Big Lebowski, I realized that this had really become  a problem.

After years and years of not understanding quotes and pop culture references, being completely clueless during the movie questions at trivia, and my friends begging for me to watch their favorite movies and find out what I’m missing…I obliged. So here I am, finally watching these movies that I’m deemed absolutely crazy for never having seen…and giving my thoughts about them as I watch.


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