The Late List, Round Two

With your help, I’ve put together my second list of late movies. Drumroll please…
1. Matrix
2. Robocop
3. The Natural
4. Kingpin
5. Aliens
6. High Noon
7. Dr. Strangelove
8. Blade Runner
9. Trading Places
10. Usual Suspects
11. When Harry Met Sally
12. Gold Finger
13. Monty Python and the Holy Grail
14. Fletch
15. Patton
16. Clerks
17. The Graduate
18. The Notebook
19. Hunt for Red October
20. Roadhouse
21. Lethal Weapon
22. Major League
23. Thelma and Louise
24. Bev. Hills Cop
25. Blazing Saddles
My thoughts?
Dis Gon B Gud gif
[As a reminder, you can see the first late list here.]

8 responses to “The Late List, Round Two

  1. This is really a great list, but I still say Season 3 needs to include Big Trouble in Little China. That shit is my JAM. Essential viewing. Both Kurt Russell and John Carpenter at their finest.

  2. I’m going to read your Robocop review with great interest.

  3. Great job. I think you are really going to have fun with these overall. Look forward to your #hot #takes

  4. I haven’t seen half of those (over half, technically) so maybe I’ll watch along.

  5. Pittsjay lobbied hard for the Matrix, didn’t he? I only say that because I have this suspicion that people who loved Avatar also loved the Matrix. I am pretty sure that’s accurate, too.

  6. Man I’ve been just dying to watch the Notebook with you. Finally it’s happening.

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